RegenTec is a leader in the field of regenerative medicine. This field has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by providing permanent replacements for damaged or diseased tissues in unlimited supply. Our vision is to provide the pivotal technologies required to make the area of regenerative medicine a clinical success. These technologies will provide the platform for the development of innovative products that deliver patient benefits in important and challenging areas of medicine.

A key concept in regenerative medicine is the provision of a ‘scaffold’ that creates an optimised environment, or a “regenerative niche” around cells, enabling tissue regeneration to occur in clinical situations in which the body’s natural repair processes have failed.

RegenTec has developed a family of injectable scaffolds that solidify within the body and can be used to support tissue growth and deliver cells or protein therapies via minimally invasive surgical procedures. Major advantages of this core technology include:

  • injectability,
  • localised delivery,
  • macroporous internal architectures,
  • controllable biodegradation.

Our in-house development programmes are focussed upon orthopaedics. Joint ventures are sought in other clinical areas.

RegenTec also offer service activities to clients, primarily in the translation of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine concepts into the development of drug testing assays. The potential of this approach results from the fact that tissues generally display more complex and physiologically relevant functions when compared with a simple collection of cells.

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